850W Vanguard

  • Fully modular cable design incorporates a single 1000W +12V output that delivers up to 70A.
  • 80 PLUS Gold certified: up to 93% efficiency @ 50% load
  • Silent 135 mm FDB fan for lower noise and longer lifespan
  • Six PCI-E 6+2 pin connectors to support high-end GPUs
  • 100% high quality Japanese capacitor ensures performance and reliability.



Fully Modular Cable System

Only use the cables you need, no unnecessary cable mess! Thanks to our modular flat-ribbon design, routing and hiding cables behind the mainboard tray or HDD cage is a breeze. Building a clean and tidy system with excellent airflow has never been this easy and convenient.

Ultra Silent Long Life – 135mm FDB Fan

Instead of a conventional 120mm fan, our V series uses a larger 135mm fab, which allows it to spin slower while moving the same amount of air as a 120mm fan. The larger size, the FDB bearing and the fine-tuned fan speed profile, make the V-series one of the quietest PSUs on the market.

-High quality AC socket

-Double EMI filter for extremely clean and stable voltages

-Full bridge with LLC

-100% highest grade Japanese capacitors

-Highly efficient integrated heatsink design

Tight Voltage Regulation

The V manages to keep the +12V rail within +1% at all times

The most important voltage

The 12V rail is the most important part of a modern power supply. Both the CPU and graphics cards, the two most important and power hungry components in any computer are powered by the 12V line. Voltage fluctuations can cause anything from high pitch noises, to lower CPU and VGA overclocks, system instability or even damage components.

135mm FDB Fan Design

FDB Structure

A microscopic channel system constantly drives the oil back to the center pf the bearing, preventing oil leaks.

Oil flowing inside the bearing

FDB Advantages

Thanks to an elaborate design with microscopic tolerances and a detailed channel design, the bearing core and inner case are constantly separated by a thin film of oil, and the two metal parts never actually touch! The channels on the bearing core act as a pump, constantly looping it back to the center, giving it no chance to leak. This results in extremely quiet operation and an extremely long life.