DAX Wallet Microfiber Leather

Colours Mars, Amber, Monochrome, Midnight Blue, Mountain Green, Brown Leather
Waterproof Yes
Material Skin: Microfiber Leather; Leather (Brown Leather); Cards: PP
Holds Up to 6 cards (or 5 cards + cash)

DAX is the first cascading pull-tab wallet in the world. With a simple pull, watch as your cards cascade neatly in front of you. Constructed from an ultra-fine micro-fibre material handpicked for its futuristic quality, cascading of DAX v2 is smoother, straighter, and more consistent. A card slot at the back allows for speedy one-handed access to your most frequently used card, easily separated from the rest of your RFID cards by a quick slide with your thumb.

DAX v2 is sleeker with a seamless heat-sealed construction; more durable with the all-new anti-fray microfiber material; stronger with its reinforced form. It is also available in real leather material for an enhanced luxurious feel.