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Don’t let your gear weigh you down with the MasterAccessory XL Gaming Backpack. It’s spacious enough to fit your entire mobile rig, with reinforced pockets for durability, cushioning to keep your armament secure, and ergonomic back support to max out your stamina on the battlefield.


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MasterAccessory Backpack XL

The MasterAccessory XL Gaming Backpack is a comfortable, durable solution for transporting your mobile rig.

It not only holds your epic arsenal, but ensures it’s in combat-ready condition, with all the features necessary to keep your gear in pristine shape.

Waterproof top cover

Total protection from the elements.


Reinforced pockets and notebook protection cushion

Durability and protection for those unexpected shocks to your system.

11 pockets to hold all your gear

Fit your laptop, keyboard/mouse setup, gaming headset, and everything else you need to ensure total victory.

Cable management for headphones

Tangles in your cords are a thing of the past.


Air ventilation surface in the back

More weight? No sweat!