V-Track WIRELESS Gaming Mouse – Black R4

  • Smooth and accurate tracking anywhere: innovative V-Track technology utilizes vertical ray which goes deep into the details of all surfaces. Guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking anywhere. Enjoy the best precision during the game-play
  •  No lag technology: provides the smoothest cursor motion during game play
  •  20 m operating range: adjustable between 15 and 20 meters (* Far operating range setting provides best RF quality)
  •  Super-Combo7: custom macros with 7 fully programmable buttons; Perform stunts to win the games effortlessly
  •  5 modes selection: set up custom macros for your games in each mode
  •  160 K onboard memory: stores custom macros to perform them at any time
  •  High sensitivity up to 3000 CPI: you can shift from pixel-precise targeting (100 CPI) to lightning-fast maneuvers (up to 3000 CPI) in each mode
  •  2 ms response, 4X more smoothly: designed with extreme fast report rate up to 500 Hz