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Large touch screen, 50 meters of water resistance
The notification of messages such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, incoming calls, etc. are all displayed directly onto the screen
Swim in water up to 50 meters deep, and view activity tracking data by simply raising your wrist
Heart rate, sleep quality, step count, and health management|Battery life of up to 20 days


Out of stock

Xiaomi Band3

As you move forward,
track every step

Large, all-new OLED Touch Screen

Clear and simple in design and execution

  • 48 characters display
  • Displays WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, incoming calls, etc.
  • View a large variety of activity tracking data in real time
  • Sleep quality and step count are monitored automatically
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
  • 20 days battery life

Stay well-informed
by simply raising your wrist

Displays WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, incoming calls, etc.

Instant message

Incoming call and
WhatsApp messages reminders,
check Facebook at a glance[1]

Weather forecast

See what the weather will be like for the next three days
Stay up-to-date on the latest weather alerts

Event reminder and vibrating alarm

Regular reminders for
important days
Make your next step
steadier than the last

Take on a new challenge and meet a better you

Displays activity data including time, mileage, and heart rate, and features 50 meters of water resistance

Water resistant up to 50 meters[2]

Wear it swimming, wear it surfing

With a 5 ATM IP rating, the Xiaomi Band 3 provides daily water resistance
that allows you to do and see more stay worry-free.

New secondary activity tracking screen[3]

See activity tracking data in real time

Whether you’re running, biking, or walking, you’ll always know your heart rate, speed, etc.
Monitor your physical status and adjust your exercise intensity to produce even better results.

Goal reminders

Set yourself a small goal,
and work to achieve it

When you reach your target step count for the day,
the Xiaomi Band 3 will gently notify you that you’ve reached your goal,
providing inspiration to become an even harder-working and more successful person.

Track your every movement and
enjoy around-the-clock
health management

More accurately monitors your step count, heart rate, and sleep quality,
and provides inactivity alerts

Daily step count and heart rate monitoring[4]

A more accurate step count algorithm
accounts for daily changes in heart rate

Our step count algorithm was once again upgraded and improved,
making sure that every hard-earned step is counted.
In addition, the heart rate sensor can accurately read changes
in your heart rate over a 24-hour period. It can also detect your current heart rate.

Monitors sleep quality

Sleep a little more, sleep a little better, every day

Accurately records information about your sleep quality every night, including data on deep sleep and light sleep,
helping you successfully adjust your sleeping habits.

Inactivity alerts

Give it your all, then relax and recover

When you’re too busy and lose track of time, the band will gently vibrate, reminding you to get up and take a walk.
This helps improve your overall physical health.

More power will inspire you to unlock your hidden potential

20-day battery life, password-free unlock, and incoming call display/call rejection
are just a few of the 30 features offered


When the associated Xiaomi Band 3
is close to an Android phone,
the phone can automatically unlock.

Incoming call display
and call rejection
Handle every call,
even without a phone

The all-new Xiaomi Band 3 can display the name of a caller or
the telephone number. If you don’t want to answer,
pressing and holding will reject the call.

More functions

30 features rolled into one[6]

The Mi Band 3 has a huge range of capabilities. If there’s something you need, it can always help. In addition, even more features are currently in development…

  • Instantly view message
  • Incoming call display/call rejection
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • Displays activity data in real time
  • Inactivity alerts
  • Event reminders
  • Phone locator
  • Unlocks your
    Android phone
  • More functions

The all-new Mi Fit App

Provides a complete range of
support to help you get moving

With the Mi Fit App, you can set customized daily goals based on your
own personal needs, you can choose an exercise class that works for you,
you can regularly check up on your weekly progress,
you can view sleep data, and much more.

Battery life

Weighs only 20 grams
20 days battery life[7]

The body of the band only weighs 8.5 grams and
contains a Li-Polymer battery with high energy density.
Charge it once, and even with frequent use, the battery will last for over 20 days.

Design features a seamless black screen –
smooth and flexible

The larger, clearer OLED Touch Screen makes the Xiaomi Band 3 even more remarkable.

Secure design

Secure locking mechanism
makes it difficult to lose[8]

A complimentary two-tone colour palette creates seamless beauty.
In addition, after undergoing 2,000 durability tests, the Xiaomi Band 3 remained firm and solid.

Three strap colours to choose from

Soft, skin-friendly material makes
it comfortable and easy to wear[9]

The strap is made of thermoplastic elastomer,
a soft material that allows for a more comfortable fit.
There are three colours to choose from:
graphite black, electric orange, and deep sky blue.